Springdale Businesses – January 2024

Feb 14, 2024

Confident Coffee is currently located in Rogers, AR, but they are now expanding to Springdale! As a small business, they prioritize adding value to their community. They take pride in providing a space for individuals to gather with friends or enjoy moments of peace. Facilitating connections between people is particularly rewarding for them, as they hold a strong commitment to community building.

Their dedication extends to the quality of their coffee beans; they firmly believe that while you can roast a good bean poorly, you can’t transform a bad bean into a good one. They maintain high standards for sourcing their coffees, ensuring that every bean meets their exacting criteria. Operating on a hybrid model, they establish direct trade relationships with farmers for a portion of their coffees, while sourcing the rest from reputable specialty coffee importers. This approach guarantees fair compensation for farmers’ labor. They allocate a portion of their profits to support initiatives such as “Protect the Pickers” and the establishment of a new childcare facility at Finca Zalmari in Costa Rica, further contributing to the well-being of coffee-producing communities. With a current location in Rogers and an expansion underway to Springdale, Arkansas, their reach and impact are steadily growing.

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Springdale January 2024